State of the Art Ammonia Services

One of the premier services that we provide is a Pumpout package. With our Pumpout Rig, we can safely extract your ammonia, allowing service procedures to be completed for our customers’ plants. Once services are completed, our Pumpout system safely pumps the ammonia back up again. The Pumpout unit holds roughly 25 thousand pounds of ammonia. If you are in need of more space we have the resources to accommodate your plant to whatever level is required.

Recover Losses & Maintain Compliance

Our pump-out rig allows us to safely remove ammonia from your system for routine maintenance, planned downtimes, or emergency events. This system allows you to maintain EPA and OSHA standards and reduce loss as we contain the ammonia and are able to return it to your system without moisture or oil.

Nationwide Service

Our specialty-trained team is available throughout the United States for service on your ammonia refrigeration units, cooling systems, and production facilities. With our mobile pump-out rig, we can be reached at any time- day or night- for emergency situations.